This Is The Person Your Partner Is Most Likely To Cheat On You With

Have you ever thought that you found ‘the one’, only to find they were actually one heck of a lying, cheating b*stard? Love can turn to hate in an instant when you catch your partner in bed with someone else.

Maybe the signs were there: long phone conversations, secret texting, sudden work trips out of town, or just a feeling of being pushed away. Regardless of how you eventually found out, the feeling of heartbreak is still the same agonizing pain we all have to go through. Austrian jewellery company, Forktip, conducted a study on cheating partners, and the results don’t paint a very pretty picture of modern relationships! Five-thousand people took part in the survey, which revealed men were most likely to commit the crime.

While most partners said they were faithful, with 69.1% of women and 59.6% of men admitting they had never cheated on their significant other, of those who had strayed, men were most likely to be repeat offenders. Of the men surveyed, 40.4% confessed to being cheaters, while only 30.9%t of women said the same. More than half of those men said they had cheated more than once, while nearly a third admitted to still be cheating not their partners now! Yes, that’s right. Your partner is likely to cheat on you with someone you know. While the exotic and foreign “other” was the top choice, with 49.9% of participants saying they’d cheat with a random stranger who  perhaps just hit on them at a bar, the next highest choice was with a familiar face. Cheating with your partner’s friend came in second place with 23.8% of participants ticking that box, while an affair with a work colleague came in close behind with 22.4% of cheaters admitting to that one. Sure makes you wonder if surveys have been done on how many people are okay with having sex with someone they know who has a partner at home. Do you trust your friends not to sleep with your partner?

Participants also shared their reasons for cheating, which mostly had to do with sex, or lack of it. The top four reasons for cheating included not having enough sex, lack of enjoyment and fun, partner cheated first, and partner not leaving you sexually satisfied. One thing is for sure, rather than actually talk through these problems or address them in a respectful and honest with with one’s partner, a staggering number of people would rather just sleep with the next ‘hottie’ that struts their way.

So cheaters, rather than run from your problems and into the bed of the next bimbo that comes along, maybe think with your head and not with your private parts. Your partner’s a person, not a video game you can click ‘save’ on and return to when you want. Next time, maybe consider unzipping your mouth, and not your jeans. Finding out the love of your life is cheating can be devastating. Whether they tell you face-to-face or you hear it through a friend, the pain and heartache is crippling. However, this guy got a particularly unpleasant surprise when he discovered his wife was cheating after flying his DRONE! What a way to find out…
Maybe she’d have stuck around if he didn’t spend so much time on his drone…

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