This Guy Has The Biggest Outie Belly Button In The World, And It’s Making Us Uncomfortable

Whether you find belly buttons fascinating or totally gross, you’ve probably been asked at least once if your life if you’ve got an innie or an outie. For one man, named Mark from California, the answer to that question is definitely an outie.

Mark has the biggest outie belly button in the world and it’s totally freaking some people out. The 26-year-old openly admits that his belly button is actually one inch long! He says it doesn’t bother him, though, since it tucks away nicely into his torso to make a little “swirly” shape.

“So like, literally, my umbilical cord is still partially attached. Fortunately, the one inch of umbilical cord does tuck away nicely into my torso if I push it in. It creates a cinnamon roll shape, I call it my ‘swirly’,” Mark explains.

This huge belly button is the strangest thing you’ll see all day:

Told you it was weird…

This is why Mark is better known as “Swirly Dude”, at least on the internet anyway. He has uploaded videos of his abnormality, and as much as it makes me uncomfortable to watch, others are absolutely loving it.

One online fan offered Mark $1,000 for an hour of footage of belly button fiddling, while another fantasized about being “shrunken down and tucked into [his] belly button to live forever”.

So, are you ready to see it…?

Behold, the world’s biggest belly button in all its glory!

Love it or hate it, “Swirly Dude” has over 150 thousand views on his videos and 850 loyal belly button loving subscribers. I supposed everyone’s got to have some kind of fetish, right?

While Mark is now proud and open about his unusual belly button, he wasn’t always so confident. When he was young, he didn’t like looking different from his peers.

“My friends all had innies from what I saw at the pool or when they stretched and their shirt rode up. I’d see their normal looking belly buttons and then I’d look down at my belly button and I had this umbilical monster attached to me,” he said.

Mark continued, “I have no idea why it looks like this, and I don’t think doctors do either. People often think it’s an umbilical hernia, but the doctors just say it’s just a lot of extra umbilical flesh.”

Mark revealed that the most common question he gets asked is whether or not he’d ever considered getting the extra torso flesh removed. His answer was no.

He explained, “I’ve embraced it as part of my life. Something individualistic that makes me me. And plus, it’s super fun to induce shock, awe, horror, and amusement from people all across the globe.

“Many of my YouTube viewers fantasise about experiencing my belly button live. They wish they could meet me to poke, bite, lick, or kiss it,” he added.

He has been offered money to post videos of his belly button, so would he ever consider becoming “Swirly Dude” full time?

“Well, apparently I can make up to $1,000/hour with this thing, so I’m about ready to quit my day job and showcase my belly button full time,” he said. “Just kidding, I really just enjoy using my belly button for good and making the world a more fun, quirky place with it.”

If you want to see “Swirly Dude” in all his glory, check out one of Mark’s videos below. Word of warning though, it’s totally weird!

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