There’s An Instagram Account Dedicated To Tweezing Out Ingrown Hairs And We Have Mixed Feelings

In a world where people’s grooming routines are more stringent than ever, the problem of ingrown hairs is nothing short of an epidemic. A friend of mine even maxed out her medical insurance because she was convinced her ingrown hairs were an STD.

Ingrown hairs are unsightly and occasionally painful. Thankfully, however, there’s a solution available – good old tweezers. There’s few things more satisfying than plucking out a unsightly ingrown hair, and now there’s an Instagram account dedicated to the process.

The page, comically named Tweezist, have tapped a very unique market. But despite some of you thinking ingrown hairs are disgusting and “who would watch this?!” – there’s certainly an audience out there for tweezer videos, as the page has already amassed 102,000 followers on Instagram.

In an interview with the, the Tweezist’s founder revealed that she began sharing the videos “just for fun at first”. Amazingly, many of the videos can also be found on their YouTube account – and we’ve found some of our favourite videos to share with you lucky readers. The short extractions are often less than a minute in length, meaning it can be very easy to lose track of time and suddenly realize you’ve wasted an hour of your life watching people pulling at waxy ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are usually nothing more than an annoyance, but it’s important to pluck them so that they don’t become infected, which can lead to a lot of complications. In fact, in very rare cases, people have been killed by ingrown hairs. “Now I know so many people suffering from ingrown hairs like me,” the Tweezist’s owner revealed. Like I’ve said, it’s an epidemic. “Lots of tweezers disappointed me, so I try to find the world’s best tweezer master and introduce good tweezers to around the world,” she added. The majority of hairs featured on the Instagram account are on her legs, which are particularly prone to them as it’s an area she shaves. The Tweezist advises people to “Sanitise before and after plucking. Wipe tools with rubbing alcohol as much as you can.” Another important point to bear in mind when you’re removing ingrown hairs is that it’s a good idea to be gentle. If do it too aggressively, your plucking could result in a scar. And please, don’t go digging around in your skin. To avoid having to pluck out an ingrown hair, make sure that you exfoliate regularly and don’t over shave. Waxing is a good alternative. Ingrown hairs are unfortunately more common in people who have curly hair, as they are caused by hairs curling inwards before they’ve had a chance to break through the skin. But it’s not just shaving that can cause ingrown hairs, although this is the most common cause. They’re also common in people who regularly wear tight clothing. If you are consistently being plagued by ingrown hairs, you might want to consider having laser treatment which can solve the problem for good. Unlike popular blackhead removal Instagram accounts like Dr Pimple Popper, the Tweezist is nowhere near as unsightly to scroll through. You can get second hand satisfaction as you watch her remove her ingrown hairs, without risking making yourself feel sick after seeing oozing and blood. The Tweezist has certainly got the art of removing ingrown hairs down to a tee. Even when she gets a particularly tricky looking one, she’s able to remove it with minimal mess and fuss. If you’ve managed to make it to the end of this article, then you’re clearly committed to and satisfied by the removal of ingrown hairs. You might think that it’s a weird thing to look at on Instagram, but it’s better than stalking your ex-boyfriend’s new beau. So, without further ado, here’s the delicious removal of a particularly long ingrown hair. This video’s extremely close up, so you can see EVERYTHING… Would you consider sharing your plucking on social media? Maybe the Tweezist will start a craze and finally reveal herself.

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