A U.S. Startup Is Gobbling Up the Old ‘City of London’

December 25, 2017

The City of London isn't just "the City" anymore. The 2008 crisis chipped away at the U.K. capital's banking and finance office workers, and replaced them with Silicon Valley technology and media darlings. Creative industries account for 24 percent of London's leased office space, versus the financial sector's 21 percent, according to Credit Suisse. And a Bloomberg News report estimates that the city's biggest tenant will soon be WeWork, a U.S. startup …


Silicon Valley Is Sneaking Models Into This Years Holiday Parties

December 15, 2017

Along with a seemingly endless string of harassment and discrimination scandals, Silicon Valley’s homogeneity has a more trivial side effect: boring holiday parties. A fete meant to retain all your talented engineers is almost certain to wind up with a rather same-y crowd, made up mostly of guys. At this year’s holiday parties, however, there’ll be a surprising influx of attractive women, and a few pretty men, mingling with the engineers. They’re being paid to. Local …