‘Silicon Valley’ shows how ridiculous the new iPhone X truly is

October 24, 2017

Sometimes, it takes the cast of Silicon Valley to poke fun at the real world Silicon Valley. While the show masterfully ribs its own version of tech industry, a new cut from Funny or Die mashed scenes from Silicon Valley with Apple’s iPhone keynote to reveal the ridiculousness that is the IRL iPhone X.  Sure, the iPhone X is an impressive phone (it better be with that price tag), but…


Mark Zuckerberg needs to put on a damn tie

September 28, 2017

Zuckerberg in his classic uniform. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Vanity Fair)Image: Getty Images for Vanity Fair Let’s just say it: Mark Zuckerberg dresses horribly, and he should be ashamed every time he appears in public. Here is a man in charge of the world’s most important social network — one that probably ended American democracy as we knew it! — and thanks to a general acceptance of his…


Uber’s days without drama resets back to zero

Your scandal is arriving now.Image: ALTAFFER/AP/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK Remember #DeleteUber? So much has happened since people complained about Uber CEO … err rather … former CEO Travis Kalanick being on President Donald Trump’s advisory council and Uber stopping surge pricing during Trump’s travel ban. It’s like we can’t go a day without Uber-related drama. SEE ALSO: Uber at war: Major investor sues cofounder Travis Kalanick for fraud Case in point: On Friday,…

August 12, 2017

Google employee argues ideological diversity is more important than real diversity in viral internal document

Ideological diversity is all that matters, right?Image: FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA/EPA/REX/Shutterstock Inside Google, there’s a document circulating called “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.” Written by a senior software engineer and in part viewed by Motherboard, the 10-page Google Doc allegedly argues that biological differences between men and women account for the representation gap in tech and that Google should not offer programs for underrepresented minorities. The document also reportedly says that employees with…

August 6, 2017