The universe will never know why this actually did good. Also side note: Pls don't build this ever ty. Tell me what to do/build next time!

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    1. pmpcru Bro that was really mean he probably buried himself.. if in the next time there dont come any videos anymore you know what happened to him

    1. you build crowd control and dmg/mana items in 1v1 “adventurous in bronze duel” so the enemy will be so slow every time kuku touch him with an ability it will be funny + you can hit your ult every time

    1. tried that in arena ,it was very full to see them try to take me down in my ultimate

    2. same and i have the chibi hades skin i was literally on their face the whole time, the kid had more cojones than their whole team

  1. Do the slow build challenge. You have to build all tier 1 items until you have 6 tier 1 items. Then you can go into tier 2 until you have 6 tier 2 items. And finally, you can build all tier 3 items. Either you do it, or I will.┌( ≖‿≖)┘

    1. HeyYoPaulie This should be called. “You mean like this!?!”.
      Becuase i can hear someone giving him a build, tells him to build it and he says ” you mean like this!?!” and builds the way ypu descrided….. lame i know. But made me giggle.

    2. I actually went ahead and did this on my channel anyway. I called it the Bonobo Build. I won’t leave a link because I’m not a spammer, but you can find it on my channel if ya want. It’s a Hercules Assault game.

  2. How does DoubleJ make every terrible build work out some how? And if it’s just his skill, how is he not on a pro team by now?

    1. Dem autos are meta. Wait… is this one of those age gap things? You do know what Rockem Sockem Robots were, right?

    1. im pretty sure he meant by the kill streak he was having.. divine was like at 9x or something if im not mistaken..

    2. “I’m Immortal (x11), can I get Divine?” Divine is 9, Godlike is 13. Qayxeerll The Nine-th, are you trying to argue with LionGuyRocks or were you referring to a comment that was erased? Because you basically said the same LionGuyRocks said. Unless he changed whatever he said. His comment was edited afterall

  3. Nothing wrong with warding middle in clash or jungle the ganks happen fast and bad kids don’t call missing sides

    1. Well you can actually because as long as you’re not in a life or death situation you can always take a second to glance in the direction of the buff to see whats happening. It’s not a big lane, the only time looking at the buff will get you killed is when you’ve been ganked really and then you know whether they’re ganking or not.

    2. DrewTheProfessional it’s preference really its for the whole team. I like map awareness I’m usually the only one calling sides when I play casuals

    3. the pillars don’t give you a very clear view of middle, and sneaky serqets and lokis hide behind them

  4. I would love to see a Movement speed Au Puch… yeah 6 items that make yah move faster…

  5. > 3 players on your team stacking up on health items
    > Enemy Cern: “Hmmm I better build Trans.. yeah.. then Hastened.. mhmm.. Exe.. ohh what counters health stacking again.. oh, right, uhm…. crit?”

  6. second minute and two people change from your lane to the other lane and you say “everybody’s coming from behind, they are probably all dead”, you are also using a Laugh Spam, but you don’t give enough fucks to press VI3?

  7. you probably will never see this but here it goes. wards in the middle is a smart move. do you know how many times people just forget that the other side is right there??? they move forward and forget about it and then the rest of the enemy team comes from behind and it’s a free kill. thanks to all the potatos that play smite warding mid is a necessity

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