Paragon Rampage Gameplay – HEALTH REGEN BUILD




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Please Note – This isn't a serious build, it is just that Epic described Rampage as a regeneration tank so I had to REGENERATE.

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This article has 40 Comments

    1. super fun build. a bit less regen and it could be decent. Especially if you change your playstyle a bit to hit and run.

  1. Do you remember the name 2omb. I played dekker and did kinda shitty and the Countess on our team was building penetration before damage. Cause I first thought that your name was ExaltedPanda, but in this video I saw that it is ExaltedPanda-. You played sparrow I think.

    1. Dr. écureuil I do. Save stun to peel for your carry, don’t waste it.

      Equip cards like honour the pure and purity censer and get really good at timing the latter.

      Learn to body block damage for your carry like I did in this video when TB ult’d

      Those are the ones I can think of atm

    1. just a little bit, not a super big deal but yeah don’t put in a freaking “EPIC MEGA RARE” skin in the thumbnail if it’s not there.

  2. Are you ganna do face cam when you do gameplays because I think it would be funny to see your reactions?:D love your videos dude keep up the good work👌👍

  3. Great video Ace. I actually did something really similar to this back on legacy, I used reptilian claws for health regen and crit chance, spiked bone plates for both damage and armor, and clear heart. At first it was only a joke build, but it ended up working gloriously. It also helped that it was prior to Rampage’s nerf.

  4. Try a full attack speed with any cool character for it. Maybe sparrow, iggy, howitzer, khaimera, crunch, sevarog or feng mao. That would be fucking epic

  5. It’s ok rgsace i am god awful at support too lol. I think its the hardest job in the game tbh.

  6. no sense deck no defense for rampage so u die very very easy
    1300 hp? i kll you awesome easy with my murdock xd

  7. I’m kind a annoyed you didn’t get to 60 points, I would’ve loved to see what that’d look like. Also you should’ve put Bud of The Changeling in there, just in case someone was building poison or something.

  8. Why do I see lots of people trying to get into diamond, but I only see unranked on my game? Is ranked locked until high level? I am level 27 atm.

    1. Jamal Freeman the rankings and ELO are unofficial. go to if you want to see your rank

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