Idiotic Daredevil Narrowly Avoids Death By Jumping Off An Eight-Story Building

Risking your life for the sake of a few Likes on Facebook isn’t many people’s idea of fun. However, since the dawn of time, or, more accurately, stupidity, daredevils have been doing just that, and one of YouTube’s biggest stars is anonymous daredevil Booth8.

He has been posting videos of himself performing death-defying stunts in California since late 2015. Booth8 even quotes himself on his YouTube channel, writing, “Nothing is going to stop me from doing what I love. Not even death itself.” The daredevil first tasted fame when he uploaded a video of himself having a close call with rocks as he jumped off a cliff. After the video went viral, he decided to challenge himself to get his thrills in even more dangerous ways. Whilst Booth 8 is no stranger to deliberately putting himself into incredibly dangerous situations, his latest stunt nearly ended in total tragedy when he decided it was a good idea to jump off an eight-story building into a marina. The video opens with Booth8 breaking an entering and running up the eight-story building. Speaking as someone who’s had a family member suffer a serious injury from slipping on the stairs, even this was frustrating to watch. I’m all for living life on the edge, but I don’t see how risking death could be enjoyable, especially if the death you’re risking is a painful one. When Booth8 got to the top of the building, he made a point of showing his viewers how high it was. Without pausing for a moment to contemplate the safety of what he was about to do, Booth8 immediately leapt from the eight-story building. As you can tell from this picture, he had a lot of obstacles to avoid on his way into the water… A few seconds later, it became apparent that Booth8 was in serious danger of colliding with the marina’s walkway. A collision from such a height not only has the potential to leave the daredevil in a vegetative state, or even be fatal. If you saw someone jump from an eight-story building, what would you think that they were doing? 99.9% of people would probably assume that they were taking their own life and call the authorities. Clearly, Booth8 is a selfish guy. Shockingly, Booth8 describes himself as a “professional”. As I watched the video, I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly a person has to do to qualify as a professional daredevil. My best guess is that they need to avoid death a handful of times. My heart was in my mouth as I watched Booth8 get closer and closer to the walkway. This photograph shows just how close he was. As you can imagine, Booth8 must be hated by cops in the area, he’s not only trespassing, but risking a medical emergency. Against the odds, Booth8 manages to make it into the water. The video then cuts to a different view of him as he makes the death-defying leap into the harbour. You can watch it here, and, please, don’t even think about trying it yourself. Needless to say, Booth8’s videos might get a lot of views, but the vast majority of people who watch them are extremely critical of his actions. One commenter wrote, “I hope his mom doesn’t watch these videos” another added “This b*tch is asking to die.” However, it’s not just humans who like to get our thrills in dangerous ways. It turns out that there are some animal daredevils out there too! Who’d have thought that a dog would be able to skydive and explore the ocean?! Personally, I’ll stick to getting my thrills from rollercoasters.

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