How Much Protein You REALLY Need to Build Muscle & Maximize Health




How much protein do you really need to build muscle and maximize health? How much is too little or too much? If you listen to supplement companies, protein is the magic macronutrient. The reality is, you may not need as much protein as you think you do and in fact, too much protein may not be good for you. Watch this video to get the lowdown on protein.

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  1. I am eating about 30 grams over my body weight in protein. And I’ve met with a dietician who told me that was prolly too much, but I feel if I cut the food I eat that gives me protein, I will miss out on the calories. I’m currently trying to eat about 1500 cal more than my recommended amount, but I wouldn’t know what else to eat…

    1. Aidan Wood you could eat more healthy fats which give you 9cal per gram vs 4cal per gram of protein or carbs.

    2. 1500 more calories than recommended is already pretty insane. Most people eat more like 200 calories a day over their base amount.

  2. Great stuff guys. These classroom style videos are dope and need to keep coming. It’s a nice change of pace and adds a different variable to your channel. Keep up the good work!

  3. Love the video. Nothing says Mind Pump more like Sal suggesting that there is a deadly side to something haha

  4. At my highest I was hitting just over 200 at around 220-230 lbs. Now I aim for around 140 g at the same weight.

  5. .6 per lbs!!! Sure if guys wanna look like you 2. You 2 geniuses obviously never met a natural bodybuilder who doesn’t look as “slim” as you guys.

    1. Please share your recommendations and enlighten our audience. Criticism without an alternative is worthless.

  6. u said .6/.7 for a slim athlete. would it be different for someone that was over weight?

  7. Is Fenoboci Diet Plan useful to lost a ton of fat? I have learn numerous good stuff about this popular weight loss secrets.

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