ESO- Tank/DPS/Regen – DK Hybrid Imperial build 50k health 5k WD 32k resist Legion Zero Health Knight

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So I finaly finished the improved Health Hybrid build I'm known for I hope you enjoy it!

3:17 Charcter sheet mundus stone attribute points
4:47 Armor and sets
7:00 Skills and morphs
10:31 Passives
16:18 champion points
20:34 Food and potions
23:10 PvP examples
27:11 final thoughts

Don't know how to craft the Tri stat potion? check out this video here:

In case you missed it:

Race: Imperial
Mundus stone: The Warrior
Attribute points: 64 points into health
And yes this build requires you to be a *vampire*

Not all Health Knights chose to stay loyal to saint Alessia's Empire some have turned from the light and have joined molag bal in pursuit of power and in doing so have become something..more.

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