Drunk Gets Into Three-Hour Battle With Locked Door, Then Makes A Startling Discovery

We’ve all woken up after a crazy night of partying with a vague recollection of stupid things we may have done the night before. It’s likely that your drunken activities were embarrassing, and you’re praying no one remembers what you got up to the night before.

But very few people have had their madness captured on CCTV footage that’s subsequently gone viral. In the current age of cellphone video and social media, it’s likely someone will record your drunken escapades. For one man in Russia, it wasn’t a cellphone video, but a CCTV recording that revealed his drunken shenanigans for all to see. If only the footage hadn’t been viewed! In a block of flats in Balashikha, just west of Moscow, a drunk man was trapped in a small, indoor area. He spent three, yes, three hours trying to kick a door down to escape. There was a simple solution, but his night of binge drinking clouded his common sense. In the CCTV video, the man is first seen attempting to open the door, but it is to no avail. He stops for a pee break by relieving himself up against the wall before he tries the door again. And, trust me, he wasn’t going to give up easily… He then begins violently kicking at the door, causing it to crack open just a tiny bit, but it still offers no way for the man to exit. A second man appears in the video very briefly on two occasions. He retreats further into the room, off camera, and offers no help to the first man trying to break down the door. The drunk man then stops to rest, while a rat sneaks under the busted door. The rat does a little survey of the room, finds nothing of interest, and then leaves through the crack.

Once the rat has disappeared, the drunk man reappears after resting and puts all his strength into trying to kick down the door once again. This whole time the mechanism to open the door is visible to the man and can be seen clearly in the video. There is a button on the wall just to the right of the door beside the handle that, when pushed, would release the door from its magnetic lock. It takes the drunk man a whopping two hours and 47 minutes to finally notice the button. Perhaps some of the effects from the alcohol were beginning to wear off, but the man eventually pushes the button and, as if by magic, the door finally opens, allowing him to leave. You can watch the entire hilarious video below: If you enjoyed that, check out this drunk guy! After a long day drinking at the local pub, he attempted to come home but fell into his neighbor’s yard. He goes through quite the ordeal to right himself before giving up on the whole thing altogether:
It’s hard to say where he goes at the end of the video. Maybe he decided he needed another drink! Just remember, it’s okay to have a little fun, but always beware. In this day and age, your drunken escapades are likely to be caught on camera. Do you really want three hours of trying to kick down a magnetized door to be your claim to fame?

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