After Woman Gets Stood Up, Her Uber Driver Helped Plot The Perfect Revenge

Sometimes the friendships we forge during our lives happen in the most unlikely of places.

You could simply be doing your Christmas shopping at the mall and then meet someone who shares your passion for bow ties and suspenders. Or you could end up meeting the one other lady in the bathroom of a strip club, form an unbreakable bond, and become friends for life.

Well, this tale is just as heartwarming as the best of them, and it all started with a Florida-based Uber driver who goes by the name of “La Loba” on Twitter. She met someone on the job and decided to turn the nightmare she was experiencing into one of the best nights of her life.

“I was driving for Uber today & this girl gets in the car. I ask her hows her day been & she breaks down,” La Loba wrote. “She tells me that she flew alone from Texas to see a guy & he abandoned her so I did what I would want someone to do for me. I invited her to hang out with my friends & I.”

Okay, so flying from your home state to a different part of the United States to have a date with someone you don’t know probably isn’t the wisest idea in the world. But hey, love, or the pursuit of it, will make you do some crazy things sometimes. Besides this girl never thought that the guy would be brazen enough to completely abandon her when she flew all that way just for him. As the story developed, it became clear that the girl was so distraught that La Loba realized there was only thing she could do. “Like y’all don’t understand,” she continued. “This girl was near her breaking point. She thought she could trust this guy. She’s been alone at her hotel since Thursday. My friends and I are about to show her a bomb time so that her trip isn’t completely pointless.” So La Loba being the open and kind soul that she is, decided to help the girl out by offering her the best night out of her life. Of course, La Loba did initially think the guy in question deserved a much more painful punishment, but she decided that if she could get her new friend to move on and forget about him that would be a much bigger and more satisfying feat. La Loba introduced the girl to her friends and showed her how to have a good time in Florida even after being hit with a colossal disappointment. “Update: My friends and I offered to jump the guy for her but she politely declined and said that karma will get him… like sis karma might get him but my hands are faster,” La Loba continued. La Loba then reached out to her followers for their opinion. Did the guy seem like he was hiding something? Was there something sketchy going on? Was there a pressing reason why he decided to ditch her? She told them everything she knew about him. “She just told us that when he came to her hotel, he asked her where he could park his car so no one would see it. He claim (sic) since he plays for FSU his coach would be mad if he knew he was there. Likeeee I’m p*ssed. He clearly hiding something. What y’all think?” In an update, we learn a little more about La Loba’s new friend and protege, Leah. She decides to take Leah to a pregame and introduce her to the best music in Florida. In doing that, La Loba believes she is “changing her life” and that wasn’t far from the truth. Like any good night out, the girls took plenty of selfies together in preparation for a night of fun.“This has become a responsibility greater than I could have ever imagined (sic),” La Loba wrote. Despite the alcohol fuelling Leah’s emotions even further, La Loba believes she is having a good time. She may be “heartbroken” but “at least she’s having fun”. Little did La Loba know then, but their night was about to take an unexpected turn at the club… Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in her intoxicated state Leah was considering calling the guy who stood her up. “I tried to tell her not to call,” La Loba wrote. “Based on every excuse he’s used to avoid her, he either has a girlfriend or is a sociopath. He literally told her “I gotta leave cause I need to put lotion on my face” what in the lies (sic).” Then in another update, we learn more about the guy’s “reasoning” for ditching his date. He claimed that because he’s a student athlete, he should be focusing on keeping up his fitness. However, neither La Loba nor Leah bought his pathetic excuses. Ultimately, the girls all had a wild night in a beautifully heartwarming twist of fate. We then learn that La Loba promised to take her to the airport on her way back to Texas and see her off. “Glad to have met my new friend, Leah,” she wrote. It was clear that shortly after the girls met, they formed an unbreakable bond and that bond has served both of them pretty well. They both gained a new buddy, and Leah received the best kind consolation possible. “She is on her way home. Texas, take care of her,” La Loba wrote, concluding her touching story. There’s no better revenge than being able to forget the person who broke your heart and having the night of your life in spite of their douchebaggery. Hopefully, this is a friendship that will last in spite of the distance between them. You can take the heartbroken girl out of Florida, but you can’t take Florida out of the heartbroken girl.

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